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Guitar Triller promises "a world of new guitar sounds"

2015 has already been awash with off-the-wall guitar accessories, and the Kickstarter-funded Guitar Triller is the latest innovation to hit guitarists, offering a new way of picking via a custom-designed string-striking hammer.

Refining the old 'hitting a guitar with a screwdriver' method, the Guitar Triller has been developed with guitar playing in mind, and offers three ways of holding the Triller and playing:

  • Lead position - for harping arpeggios and rapid single-string bouncing
  • Chord position - for chord tremolo and muted percussive rhythms
  • Pick position - for long-distance tap sliding and flange-like harmonic overtones

Each of these positions offers new ways of approaching guitar and bass playing, similar to harps, zithers and dulcimers.

Check out the Guitar Triller in action above, and donate to the cause at Kickstarter, where a single Guitar Triller costs $15.

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