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Pitch-Key allows guitarists to go between two preset pitches mid-song

Easing the pain of onstage alternate tunings, the Pitch-Key allows you to go between two pitches a tone apart on any string, and without modifying your guitar.

The device traps the chosen string at the headstock and bends it as you rotate the thumbwheel, allowing guitarists to quickly flick between alternate/drop D and standard tunings mid-song - reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen's D-Tuna.

Fitting the Pitch-Key requires detuning the desired string to the 'low' pitch and mounting the Pitch-Key on the string at the headstock end, before setting the 'high' pitch using the thumbwheel and included Allen key - you can use multiple Pitch-Keys on one guitar, too.

The Pitch-Key is available now for £19.99 - check out Pitch-Key for more.

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