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GPU: using AmpliTube without a computer

The Guitar Processing Unit can power AmpliTube on its own.
The Guitar Processing Unit can power AmpliTube on its own.

IK Multimedia's recently-released StompIO foot controller is sure to make the company's AmpliTube software more appealing to live players, but it still needs to be connected to a computer in order to function. However, a new box known as the GPU (Guitar Processing Unit) could solve this problem.

GPU is effectively a computer in a ruggedly constructed box, and because StompIO can be used to control all of AmpliTube's features, the theory is that you could simply plug this in and start playing (no need to connect a display).

Before you get too excited, we should say that this is only a concept product at this stage - IK Multimedia wouldn't commit either way when we asked if there were any plans to manufacture it - but if released, it would certainly make the AmpliTube/StompIO combination a much more attractive proposition for the gigging guitarist.

We'll let you know if a release for this potentially groundbreaking product is confirmed - do you think it could be a success? Presumably, IK Multimedia will post details on its AmpliTube website if it decides to go ahead with a full launch.