NAMM 2008: StompIO foot controller for AmpliTube

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IK s AmpliTube StompIO

IK's AmpliTube StompIO
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You can add plenty of extra expression pedals

You can add plenty of extra expression pedals.
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Connection options are numerous impressive

Connection options are numerous - impressive!
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All you need for a live show

All you need for a live show.
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The interface looks intuitive enough for anyone

The interface looks intuitive enough for anyone.

IK Multimedia already has a deserved rep for fine amp modelling software, but it's now moving into hardware with the long-awaited StompIO USB foot controller.

This was originally announced more than two years ago, but it'll finally start shipping in January 2008.

The StompIO gives you full control over the five current 'Powered by AmpliTube' software/plug-ins - AmpliTube 2, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix, Ampeg SVX, the also-new AmpliTube Metal and AmpliTube 2 Live - as well as future packages. And with more traditional guitarists in mind, it's got the same feeling of a traditional hardware floor processor. So you can leave your PC mouse at home with this one if you want.

The stage-ready, heavy-metal enclosure looks really solid, and it doesn't skimp on features. It has six rotary encoders, two large LCD displays and five navigation buttons. Just a few features on offer are:

- Console-grade audio features (with up to -110dB S/N ratio)
- Class-A DI guitar/bass input
- MIDI IN/OUT for integration within any traditional guitar rig
- SPDIF out for digital recording, direct monitoring and 4 stereo outs (balanced/unbalanced)
- Built-in body-handler for easy portability and cable securing

- An optional rugged metal expression pedal for immediate wah and volume control (for an extra $99.99/€79.99).

StompIO offers 4,000 presets and control any parameter of any rig, stomp, amp, cabinet, mic and rack effect of all 'Powered by AmpliTube' plug-ins from the 10 smooth-operation stomp-switches. And you can even add up to six expression pedals for a total of up to 16 foot-controls. All of this makes the StompIO "the most powerful guitar and bass processor you have ever dreamed of," claim IK Multimedia. And from the spec alone, we're excited.
Prices are $1049 / €799 (including over $1,200/€985 worth of new software accessories).

For full spec and PC/Mac requirements, visit

Time to chuck away your bulky backline and standalone stompboxes? What do you reckon....?