G&L announces semi-hollow electric guitar range

Give your sound some extra air with new semi hollow G L electrics
Give your sound some extra air with new semi-hollow G&L electrics

G&L has announced the introduction of three new semi-hollow electric guitars featuring chambered swamp ash bodies and hard rock maple necks.

All models also feature G&L´s Dual Fulcrum vibrato and PTB system tone circuit. 12-inch neck radii and standard and premier finish options are also common to all three models.

The Legacy Semi-Hollow sports three vintage-style Alnico V single coils, while the Comanche Semi-Hollow is equipped with a trio of G&L Magnetic Field Design Z-coil pickups. Finally, the S-500 Semi-Hollow has a trio of Magnetic Field Design single coils, and like the Comanche, a mini toggle switch allows additional pickup combinations of neck plus bridge or all three pickups together.

All models include a hard shell case. For more, visit the official G&L website.