FOR SALE: giant acoustic guitar, doubles as speed boat

Strum strum strum your boat
Strum, strum, strum your boat...

Last year, Australian singer-songwriter Josh Pyke commissioned fellow-Australian guitar-smiths Maton to build a boat shaped like an acoustic guitar. Pyke rode the 'Guitar Boat' through Sydney Harbour for the Make You Happy music video, but now wants to sell it for charity.

"Seeing the guitar boat clip spread around the world has been one of the highlights of releasing this album [Chimney's Fire] so far," Pyke told Undercover News. "I love the idea that its charm will now go towards helping something I'm passionate about."

"Later this year I'll be launching an event called 'Busking For Change' in conjunction with the Indigenous Literacy Project, and the sale of the guitar boat will help to fund this."

Whatever floats your boat…

The auction is all set to commence on eBay from February 9 for just four days. So, if you fancy jetting off down your local canal in a boat shaped like a giant acoustic guitar, don't hold back.