F**king Troggs Tapes f**king soundboard!

Just make sure your speakers are switched off if you're in the office!
Just make sure your speakers are switched off if you're in the office!

To celebrate the release of The Troggs' Greatest Hits album on 24 May, The Troggs F**king Soundboard has been launched. With samples taken from the Troggs Tapes - a hilarious audio document of the band's potty-mouthed studio in-fighting - you, like us, can now waste hours of your working day creating a symphony of expletives.

The Greatest Hits album itself contains 25 songs from garage classics like Wild Thing and I Can't Control Myself to the much-covered Love Is All Around and eight tracks taken from the band's 1992 collaboration with REM, Athens Andover.

The Troggs F*cking Soundboard also features audio samples of all 25 songs on the Greatest Hits CD and pre-order links to retail sites so that you can buy it and help fund frontman Reg Presley's passion for the paranormal.

F**king click here then you f**king b*****ds and visit The Troggs F**king Soundboard. But listen to this slice of '60s pop genius first:

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