Exploring drop D tuning

ACOUSTIC EXPO 2014: Often considered the easiest and the 'first' altered tuning thanks to only having to retune one string, drop D is a versatile tuning provided you plan to play in the key of D.

Although a favourite tuning of heavy rock players, drop D is perfect for acoustic pieces that include bass drone notes. If drop D is new to you then perhaps adapt our piece by playing only the first bass note of each bar; leave out the other bass notes and play the high melody notes as the droning bass note rings out. For more experienced players who want to play the whole piece we recommend practising the melody and bassline separately at a slow tempo before piecing the tune together.

Download the tab/notation for this exploring drop D tuning video lesson here

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Will McNicol, your tutor for this lesson, has gained Associate and Licentiate performance diplomas from Trinity College London, and in 2011 was awarded a Fellowship diploma from the College. Composing is a big part of Will's musical life and he has released four albums of original material. Will's playing has won him numerous awards, most notably being Guitarist Magazine's coveted UK Acoustic Guitarist Of The Year 2011.