Exclusive video: See the £30k PRS Paul's 28 guitar here!

A robust clamp was required...
A robust clamp was required...

Back in December 2008, MusicRadar revealed news of an ultra-limited run of 28 PRS guitars hand-crafted by Paul Reed Smith himself. For the first time in years, Smith was hands-on in terms of the neck and body carve, sanding, staining, finishing and setting up.

In many ways the Paul's 28 guitars are the ultimate PRS electrics. Here's what Smith himself had to say:

"I believe the electric guitar is essentially the violin of our time, and believe many of the guitar virtuosos today would have played violin hundreds of years ago. My goal was to build an instrument that has the look, sound, feel, care and value of the finest violins.

"My hope is that this instrument and its brothers and sisters are something new for our company and the industry. I hope you enjoy it."

The only Paul's 28 guitar in the UK - number 4/28 - is available through Digital Village for £29,995 and set to be featured in the April issue of Guitarist magazine, on sale 17 March.

MusicRadar went behind the scenes with Guitarist to see just what happens when roughly 30 grand's worth of limited edition magnificence is given the centrefold treatment at the photography studio.

Check out the video:

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