EVH announces 50-watt, 1x12 combo version of 5150III amp

The Fender-owned EVH brand has announced the long-awaited 1x12 combo version of its 5150III electric guitar amplifier, complete with power scaling. Three years in the making, the 5150III 1x12 is a chunky, 65lb beast that EVH claims will make players "swear they are standing in front of a half-stack."

Key features of the all-valve circuit include three channels - clean, crunch and lead - and digital reverb, plus onboard power scaling courtesy of a front panel control that attenuates the output power from 50-watts down to a single watt. Players looking for an amplifier that's as useful in the bedroom as it is on an outdoor stage will surely find this level of control appealing.

Equipped with an as yet unspecified 12-inch Celestion speaker, the combo also features a master resonance control, MIDI connectivity, an FX loop, a headphone jack that mutes the power amp when in use and a four-button footswitch for channel and reverb switching. There's even a choice of black and ivory finishes.

Pricing and availability is currently TBA. Visit EVH Gear for more.

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