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Engl announces two new 100-watt amps

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The small but powerful Raider

The small but powerful Raider
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The Steve Morse signature amp head

The Steve Morse signature amp head

Engl has announced a pair of new high-powered electric guitar amplifiers in the shape of a Steve Morse signature head and the Raider 100 combo.

The Deep Purple guitarist's signature amplifier is an EL34-powered 100-watt 3-channel head with a built-in noise gate and Engl´s MID Control Matrix with eight midrange voicings.

Available in May 2008, the head is set to retail at £1999 in the UK.

The Raider 100 combo is a more compact affair but plenty of tube power and punch. A quartet of 5881 power valves pump out 100 watts through a 12-inch Celestion Vintage 30 driver, while each of the combo´s two channels has a switchable hi/lo gain mode.

The Raider´s RRP is still TBC but expect street prices to be around €1600.

For more information visit the official Engl Amplification website.

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