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EarthQuaker Devices releases Avalanche Run stereo delay and reverb effects pedal

EarthQuaker Devices' mammoth range spans everything from overdrives to arpeggiators, but the company is perhaps best loved for its range of delay pedals and reverb pedals - effects that the Avalanche Run takes to new heights.

A new DSP platform promises a ton of sonic possibilities, including two seconds of delay time, tap tempo with subdivisions, looping, assignable expression control and stereo inputs/outputs.

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The pedal's delay section offers sounds ranging from tape emulation to bucket brigade analogue repeats, while a modulated plate-style reverb, reverse and swell reverbs are also available - the icing on the cake is self-oscillation, available by holding down the tap switch.

EarthQuaker Devices' Avalanche Run is available exclusively from Reverb for $295, while it costs £249 in the UK.