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The Cribs
The Cribs

The Cribs have made the first song from the band's fourth album, Ignore The Ignorant, available as a free download. It's the group's first to feature ex-Smith Johnny Marr as a full member.

We Were Aborted is available 7 July only.

Frontman Ryan Jarman told NME: "We Were Aborted is the first song that The Cribs ever wrote with Johnny, literally the first thing we did, just plugged in and this came straight out. I think that because of that it has retained a lot of urgency which is something we have always tried to maintain."

Ignore The Ignorant is released on 7 September. The full track listing is:

1. We Were Aborted
2. Cheat On Me
3. We Share The Same Skies
4. City Of Bugs
5. Hari Kari
6. Last Year's Snow
7. Emasculate Me
8. Ignore The Ignorant
9. Save Your Secrets
10. Nothing
11. Victim Of Mass Production
12. Stick To Yr Guns

Download We Were Aborted here.