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Don't bother learning guitar: this mechanical contraption does the hard work for you

Learning guitar is hard. It's something the most fleet-fingered of pros would admit, but you have to get through the burning callous pain and claw-like chord shapes to play even the most basic of strumalongs. Unless you clamp a Chordelia onto your guitar, that is.

Rather than give up, YouTuber WayOutWest created this elaborate contraption that fingers whole chords for you - all you have to do is pull the relevant chord paddle, then the levers drop down and do all the fretwork.

The drawback is that only five chords are on offer - and while G, D, C, Am and Em cover a lot of ground, anyone eager to play something other than campfire singalongs will be disappointed.

There's also the small matter of the price: these things aren't easy to build, so the five-chord version weighs in at €200 (£171/$220) plus shipping direct from Chordelia, although a seven-chord incarnation is apparently on the way.

When it comes to properly learning guitar, we'd almost always advocate the old-fashioned, fingers-on-fretboard method, and we're a little sceptical of anything that says otherwise.

However, for disabled musicians and arthritis sufferers who otherwise wouldn't be able to play, Chordelia could provide a welcome helping hand, so we recognise the ingenuity there, at least.