Digital strategy for independent musicians explored in new book

Think tank can Social Media Promotion for Musicians help your profile
Think tank: can Social Media Promotion for Musicians help your profile?

While Thom Yorke, Moby and Foals are all busy scrapping over whether Spotify is the last evil burp of the music industry, author Bobby Owinski has got an altogether more progressive message for musicians facing the digital age: and he's written a book about it.

Social Media Promotion for Musicians: The Manual for Marketing Yourself, Your Band and Your Music Online, is a print and eBook out this week, that promises to help out independent musicians facing the digital labyrinth that is DIY online promo.

Such topics covered include increasing your online fan-base, time managing your social strategy to allow more space for music-making, brand development, e-newsletters and "the secret behind successful Tweets".

Far from promising world fame and pop hegemony (for that, see The KLF's How To Have A Number One The Easy Way) this book seems to offer realistic tips and advice - plus Owinski is a music writing veteran and university lecturer, whose books have already covered audio recording, music and music business programs in colleges around the world.

For more information, visit Social Media Promotion for Musicians on Amazon.