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Crazy video: 'Indian chief' Ted Nugent shoots guitar with flaming arrow

"Are you not entertained?!"
"Are you not entertained?!"

Ted Nugent made headlines recently for shooting a live rabbit on the set of the movie Beer For My Horses. Well, that's not all he takes his crossbow to - sometimes he likes to bag himself a guitar.

MusicRadar came across this head-scratching video in which Terrible Ted combines two of his favorite pastimes, weapons and guitars, and takes them to the stage.

Donning an Indian chief's headdress, the Motor City Madman brandishes his trademark Gibson Byrdland guitar (actually, we think it was a cheap double) and "sacrifices" it with a flaming arrow.

It's a pretty nutty video - especially the part where The Nuge constantly refers to his guitar as his "buffalo." To the cheers of the crowd, he bellows, "I'm gonna sacrifice my buffalo! I kill my buffalo for you!"

Hey, in some quarters, that's called showmanship.