Conan O'Brien blows NBC's $1.5 million on Satisfaction, Bugatti Veyron

Athough Conan O'Brien has been fired from hosting The Tonight Show, he's going out with a bang. Not only is he exiting with a reported $45 million, but last night he blew $1.5 million of NBC's money in a hilarious comedy bit involving The Rolling Stones' Satisfaction and a Bugatti Veyron.

In a segment bound to give the lawyers and accountants at NBC heart attacks, O'Brien proudly announced that he'd spent $1.5 million of the company's money on a Bugatti Veyron (made up to look like a mouse, with fake whiskers and ears on it) - this while the master recording of Satisfaction played.

(For anyone wondering, yes, the car is most pricey, but the licensing fees for the song? Fuggedaboudit!)

To the roar of the audience, O'Brien said, "There it is ladies and gentlemen - the most expensive car in the world dressed up like a mouse. Let me ask you a question. Is this appropriate music for a car that looks like a mouse? No! Does it add anything at all to this comedy bit? No, it doesn't! Is it crazy expensive to play on the air - not to mention the rights to re-air this clip on the Internet?"

The answer: Oh yeah!

Watch the outrageous clip here. (Oh, and that sound you're hearing? That's Mick Jagger and Keith Richards laughing all the way to the bank.)

Joe Bosso

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