COMPETITION Win £20k and Abbey Road Studios recording sessions

Ever made your own music video for your band? Ever thought it deserved more than just a spot on YouTube? Believe us when we say could be your lucky day as thanks to MusicRadar and Pepsi Max, your video could just win you £20,000 and recording sessions at Abbey Road Studios!

Full details of the Music Challenge are below alongside some stuff you need to know.

We'll now hand over to muso legend Strings (the lovely fella at the top of this page and star of the Pepsi Max It Legends website) to fill you in. Good luck!

The Music Challenge brief

Get your mates together and create a legendary music video for a track of your own.

The video that gets the most votes will win £20,000 and recording sessions at Abbey Road Studios!

If you and your mates want to become true music legends, you need to create a music video to one of your own tracks that other people will want to vote for.

You need to be entertaining and surprising. So before you get the camera out, think how you can make your music video different from everyone else's. Here are a few hints and tips…

• We love great music by itself, but to give yourselves the best chance of getting the most votes you need to give a great performance as well

• Think about what you can add to your video to make it stand out from the crowd. Think about interesting props you could use. Or perhaps you could film yourselves playing in a weird location

• Music stars whether they are into rock, R&B, rap or pop are notorious for dressing to impress - how can you and your mates stand out from the crowd?

• Do you have other skills you can showcase that could make your video really special? What about dancing to your track, creating an animated video or using puppets to represent your band members?

• Use our print out poster (it's in the Music Challenge area on the site) at the end of your video to tell everyone your team name and the name of your video on the site or YouTube. The poster is part of the download pack so before you do anything else print it out and get your details on it

Stuff you need to know

No matter how good your video is, if you don't follow the rules you and your mates are never going to be music legends.

So in a nutshell here's the really important info you need to know:

• You've all got to be UK residents and over 16 years old

• Your video must be uploaded between 14 June - 8 August 2010

• The track has got to be your own

• It cannot be a cover of someone else's track

• The video also has got to be all your own work. No copyrighted content please!

• Please bear in mind that the video you upload can't be bigger than 100Mb and needs to be one of these file types - .mpg, .mp4, .mov, .flv, .avi or .wmv

• For a full list of Terms & Conditions visit here.

Get started!

So that's it! All that's left now is to get your mates together and have a crack at becoming legends.

Click here to enter the Pepsi Max It Legends Music Challenge - and good luck!

Rock on,

Max It Legend

Click here to enter the Pepsi Max It Legends Music Challenge - and good luck!

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