Christian Bale is the world's newest hip-hop star

Christian Bale: Method Man or method acting?
Christian Bale: Method Man or method acting?

He's been an American Psycho, a Machinist, Batman, and soon he'll been John Connor, the protagonist in the newest Terminator movie. But one thing actor Christian Bale probably never thought he'd become was a hip hop star.

But guess what? He is. Talk about dedication to one's craft.

Thanks to the remixing sounds of Los Angeles producer RevoLucian, Christian Bale's obscenity-laced tirade, allegedly made at a film set last year, has been turned in a dance tune - and the latest Internet hit.

Bale wails at the director of photography

According to the TMZ, Bale went nuts on Shane Hurlbut, director of photography on Terminator: Salvation, the latest installment of the successful Terminator franchise.

The recorded rant wound up in the hands of RevoLucian, who turned the file into a body-rockin', booty-shakin', Bruce Wayne-quakin' jam.

Check it out below. But be warned: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. Like, way beyond Dark Knight.

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