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Carvin re-issues X-100B tube amp

The new X-100B reissue retains the old Carvin logo
The new X-100B reissue retains the old Carvin logo

Carvin has announced it is re-issuing its X-100B tube guitar amp, which has been out of production since the early '90s.

The amps found favour with many prominent guitarists of the 80s, including Frank Zappa, Starship's Craig Chaquico and Rush's Alex Lifeson. Carvin was also the first major manufacturer to back Steve Vai during his early career; he used an X-100B before his own Carvin Legacy amp was built for him.

The new amp, the two-channel X-100B Series IV, retains the 100W tube circuitry of the original, and will be available as either a head or a 2x12 combo. It will also feature the 5-band graphic EQ of its predecessor (which can be applied to either the Lead or Rhythm channel), coupled with the usual Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence controls.

The X-100B Series IV will also retain the switchable power stage options of the original, offering 25, 50 and 100watt modes. However, gone are the push-pull pots, replaced by more heavy-duty toggle switches.

The amps retail at $699 for the head unit and $799 for the 2x12 combo. Both models are available from March 2008.