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Carr Mini Mercury combo amp

Baby, you can drive this Carr
Baby, you can drive this Carr

Every wonder what makes jockeys such great athletes? Sure, they're little, but they're highly-trained pros, able to harness the power of a thoroughbred with agility and grace.

With that in mind, we have Carr's new Mini-Mercury 1x10 combo amplifier, an extremely versatile little bundle with all-tube reverb, a three-position boost switch, treble cut switch, and a built-in attenuator yielding 8, 2, 1/2, or 1/10 watt output. It is 100% hand wired and rigorously tested.

The Mini-Mercury offers big amp tones and feel ranging from lush Sixties American reverb to modified brown Seventies British crunch at almost any volume. All Carr Amplifiers have solid pine cabinets with dovetailed corners. The cabinet measures a friendly 19.5 inches wide by 15 inches tall by 10 inches deep at the bottom sloping to nine inches deep on the top. Output is thru a single JJ E34L power tube while the preamp uses two 12AX7s and one 12AT7.

The Mini-Mercury has the same electronics as the standard 1x12 Mercury but differs in its smaller cabinet, and its warm and smoky ten-inch Eminence Lil Buddy hemp cone speaker.

Give the Mini-Mercury a shot. It's the little engine that could -- and can give you the sound you're looking for. U.S. list price: $2,250.00. Available in a variety of striking colors.