Buy an Epiphone guitar and get Guitar Rig Mobile free!

PRESS RELEASE: For over 135 years, Epiphone instruments have provided musicians worldwide with the best in quality, design, performance and value. In today's challenging economy, that combination is as important as ever before.

Epiphone has announced an exclusive, limited time promotion that gives consumers the opportunity to purchase any new Epiphone guitar for $500 or more at any authorized US retailer (all 50 states included) and receive the new GuitarRig Mobile free. Supplies are limited and packages will be available only for as long as the supply lasts.

From the pioneer and market leader in software instruments, Native Instruments, Guitar Rig Mobile turns any Epiphone guitar and your computer into a powerful and easy-to-use guitar recording and performance rig.

Combining the new ultra-compact Guitar Rig Mobile I/O USB 2.0 audio interface with the versatile Guitar Rig 3 LE software, it offers studio-grade sound quality and a wide range of creative features that allows musicians and producers to plug in and play anywhere without any compromises.

No larger than a cigarette pack, the bus-powered Guitar Rig Mobile I/O provides the professional sound quality of Native Instruments' audio interface range in a package that literally fits in a pocket.

At the same time, the interface offers an uncompromising feature set with stereo high-impedance inputs and outputs featuring 24bit/192 kHz Cirrus Logic audio converters, I/O volume dials, and multi-purpose low-latency drivers for Windows and Mac OS X.

The included Guitar Rig 3 LE software offers the acclaimed versatility and ease-of-use of the industry-leading Guitar Rig platform. Three charismatic amp emulations for guitar and bass, 12 classic effect units, and a wide selection of cabinets, all freely combinable within a "virtual rack", make it easy to create authentic custom tones for any musical genre.

The software also includes two virtual tape decks, tuner and metronome, to facilitate all typical guitar applications from recording, live performance and rehearsal to instrument learning and tuition.

You must purchase your new Epiphone instrument between May 1, 2009 and June 30, 2009 and supplies are limited. (Offer good for US customers only. Void where prohibited.)

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Information taken from official press release

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