Bruce Springsteen covers The Clash, ZZ Top, Troggs on tour

Bruce: "C'mon, gimme a challenge already!"
Bruce: "C'mon, gimme a challenge already!"

On their 2009 tour, Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band are offering more than their usual three hour-plus shows - they're playing a nightly game with audiences of Stump The Band.

So far, the band is winning.

During the group's fiery performance at the Boston Garden, a fan threw a sign on stage requesting ZZ Top's I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide.

"The band does not know this song!" Springsteen shouted to the cheering crowd. "The band has never played this song!"

Undaunted, they dug in and did a spirited take on the ZZ Top classic.

A couple of nights later, in Hartford, Connecticut, a fan tossed a softball to Bruce: Wild Thing by The Troggs. "So you think you can stump the band, huh?" Springsteen chided, knowing he had the whole thing wrapped up.

The best was yet to come - London Calling

In Philadephia, a request for The Clash's iconic London Calling drew a 'What, are you kiddin' me?' expression from The Boss.

What followed was explosive reading of The Clash's signature song, and it's one for the books. Joe Strummer is smiling somewhere. And man, can Bruce play guitar!

Joe Bosso

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