Billy Corgan = An ill cyborg and 65 more time-wasting anagrams

Anagrams created using the cutting-edgest technology
Anagrams created using the cutting-edgest technology

Who's ever Googled their own name? Who's ever searched for an anagram of their name? Answer = everyone.

But that didn't stop MusicRadar - anagram, Maria Curds - finding the funniest, pithiest and all-round daftest anagrams of music stars' names.

It was easy, really - we just went here and here.

But all we have is 66 anagrams so we want you to add more if you like. As someone once said: "All the life's wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie."

And that's probably shocking news to Mr 'W@nk Rimcake', below…

WARNING: Anagrams not only contain added punctuation, but also occasional explicit language.

Music's top 66 time-wasting anagrams

Britney Spears - Best PR in years

Justin Timberlake - I'm a jerk, but listen

Chinese Democracy - Daemonic, screechy

Axl Rose - Oral sex

Steven Adler - Never slated

Matt Sorum - Trust ammo

Scott Weiland - Stone wildcat

Billy Corgan - An ill cyborg; Balcony girl; Lyrical bong

Michael Jackson - Inhales cock jam

John Mayer - Enjoy harm

Gene Simmons - Immense song; Immense snog

David Lee Roth - Hot daredevil

Anthony Kiedis - Handy noise kit

Michael Anthony - Hot anal chimney; An itchy hole, man?

Polly Harvey - Lovely harpy

Yngwie Malmsteen - My wise gentleman

Daron Malakian - I'm an anorak lad

Bono - n00b!

Ray LaMontagne - Alert agony man; Ornamental gay

Coldplay - Lady-clop

Kanye West - Sweaty Ken

TV On The Radio - Varied, not hot.

Christina Aguilera - An acute, girlish air

Madonna Louise Ciccone - Occasional nude income

Eric Clapton - Plectra icon

Noel Gallagher - Anglo hell rage

Liam Gallagher - Ah, illegal gram...

Paul McCartney - Pay Mr Clean-Cut

Keith Richards - His hard ticker

Elvis Presley - Lively sprees; Lisp severely

Saul Hudson (aka Slash) - A lush sound

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble - To heaven! A very loud blues guitar band

Lil' Wayne - Nae willy

Alex Kapranos - Rapes a Klaxon

Black Eyed Peas - A pesky debacle

The Mars Volta - A maths revolt

Roger Waters - Regrets a row

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Fall Out Boy - Fully taboo

Robert Smith - Mist brother

Arctic Monkeys - Mockery antics; Sticky romance

Roger Daltrey - Elder gyrator

Godpseed You Black Emperor - A bedecked leprosy group Om; A bedecked morose orgy pulp

Rick Wakeman - Wank rimcake

Reginald Dwight (aka Elton John) - Darn wig delight

Lady Gaga - A lady-gag

Simon Cowell - Mellow coins

Brian Eno - Inane orb

Pete Doherty - Thy deportee

Kaiser Chiefs - Hi-risk faeces

Rod Stewart - Worst dater

Judas Priest - Just despair; just diapers

Westlife - Wet flies

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Go to fleshy oil-wank rodeo

The Magic Numbers - Them embracing us; The screaming bum

The Rolling Stones - Hot Leg snort lines; Hell! Rotting noses!

Public enemy - Me buy pencil

Grateful Dead - Graduated elf

Caleb Followill - Ow! Ball follicle

Glastonbury festival - Overtly fusing tablas

Stereophonics - Posh erections; Spoon heretics

Michael Stipe - This epic male

Smashing Pumpkins - I mash gimps 'n' punks

Spiritualized - Utilize a drip

Bob Marley And The Wailers - One admirably-herbal stew; Adorably-herbal new times

Queen And Paul Rodgers - Arena drug pond sequel

Kylie Minogue - You like minge

Got any more? Post your own below!

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