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Bigsby-fy your guitar's vibrato with the Tremolution Trem-O-dapter

Ever wanted less dive and more wobble from your Strat-style guitar's vibrato? Tremolution has a quick fix in the Trem-O-dapter, which gives floating tremolo systems a Bigsby feel.

The Trem-O-dapter slips over the bottom of existing floating vibratos and attaches via two small screws, thus creating a mounting platform for a host of whammy bars, including Tremolution's own Palm-O-Low.

A centre pivot point keeps chords in tune, and includes a spring mechanism, placing light tension on the arm to keep it in place - you can still use your existing vibrato arm, too, should you so desire.

Niche, maybe, but this could be just the ticket for finicky vibrato nuts. The Trem-O-dapter is available now from Tremolution for $49.95.