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Bare Knuckle unleashes Impulse pickup for Northlane's Josh Smith

Unstoppable British pickup company Bare Knuckle has unveiled its latest creation: the Impulse humbucker, signature pickup for Northlane guitarist Josh Smith.

The pickup features a neutral, broad midrange and medium output, designed to enhance lower-register tones from baritones and extended-range guitars.

Here's what Josh had to say to Total Guitar during the pickup's development.

"They're based on the Blackhawk, which we did our whole record with. They're great pickups, but [the Impulse] is a bit more suitable for a 27-inch scale because sometimes you can struggle with the high notes sounding a little too sharp. They're a little lower in output."

The Impulse humbucker is available now in six- and seven-string configurations from Bare Knuckle, starting at £114.