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Audio Ease debuts 'Cabinet' virtual guitar speaker cabinet collection

A lot of sounds in one 'Cabinet'
A lot of sounds in one 'Cabinet'

With so many guitar tone plug-ins around, what does Audio Ease have to offer that can be new and different?

Well, quite a lot in the case of 'Cabinet.' Take their plug-in Speakerphone, which is quite pricey, and because it's a 6 gigabyte plug-in, there is no demo download either.

So how are guitarists going to find out how Speakerphone's magical combo of a studio recording live room the cabinet, a bunch of microphones and a spring reverb can sound?

'Cabinet' (Mac Windows RTAS AU Mas Vst)answers that.It shows of 5 of their favorite cabs from Speakerphone, a good live room, the best spring reverb and a bunch of mics.

All real samples, convolution based, in Audio ease's award winning quality. Cabinet is not the ultimate shredder pre-amp, but it most definitely is the ultimate final stage for guitar tone (and it will breathe the real world into your synths as well).

Cabinet is a small download, and has a 30-day demo. So plug it in right after your favorite preamp plug-in (or your preamp top), and enjoy how real itsounds. In that respect Cabinet is much related to Altiverb and Speakerphone and therefore a true Audio Ease plug-in: It doesn't just sound like real gear, it sounds like real life.

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