Ask MusicRadar: what does your live rig look like?

Live rig

Live rig

Thanks to your endless love for music and insatiable hunger for gear, Ask MusicRadar has generated some killer rundowns. You've helped us compile charts of the best guitars, amps, synths and VSTs - not to mention riffs, albums and legendary instrumentalists. This week, however, we're asking for more: we want your photos…

Everybody loves a show and tell, and we want to see pictures of the gear that you take out on the road. From traditional guitar, amp and FX rigs to laptops, touchscreen controllers and synth setups - if you play live, we want to see exactly what you use. And because this is MusicRadar, the more detail the better (yes, we even want to see your patch cables).

What to do now

Get involved! Send us a nice hi-res photo (try to get as much into one picture as possible), a note about what kind of music you play and a list of all the gear you use. Here's how…

Via Flickr (add your photo to the MusicRadar Flickr pool)

Via Facebook ('Like' our page at and post a photo on our wall)

Via Twitter (use Twitpic or similar and tag @MusicRadar with your submission)

Or via (just send an email the old-fashioned way)

We'll collate the results and present them in a gallery of mouth-watering live rigs along with any descriptions you send us. So - just to hammer home the point - by sending us your photos via any of the above, you're giving us permission to do this. Cheers!


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