Aerosmith "in your face" and back in the studio

Doesn't Guitar Hero look realistic these days?
Doesn't Guitar Hero look realistic these days?

Aerosmith are all set to hit the studio later this month to start work on a new album. Given that Steven Tyler spent seven hours a day "wrapped in a rubber suit" for the creation of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, and recently completed a stint in rehab, you might think the band deserve some time off. But, as Tyler puts it: "[it's] just your usual Aerosmith, you can't tame it, rocking out, in your face music".

Tyler also took the opportunity to announce a follow-up to 2007's massive World Tour: "The tour is booked for March or April, I believe it starts, and then we eat the States although I think there are some outside gigs but not as much as last year when we did Dubai and India and wound up in Russia".

(Via Aero Force One - the official fan club)

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