AC/DC tops amongst Canadian autograph seekers

AC/DC: If you want autographs, you've got 'em!
AC/DC: If you want autographs, you've got 'em!

For those about to collect autographs, AC/DC salute you. Especially in Canada, where the band have topped the list of rockers always happy to sign for fans.

According to a new poll conducted by, based on how rock stars respond to their fans, AC/DC came out ahead of Coldplay and The Guess Who when it comes to pulling out their pens and Sharpies.

Says of AC/DC, "From the time they checked into their downtown Toronto hotel (for a concert late in '08) until boarding the bus to play the sold-out stadium gig, to after lunch on Bloor St. the next day, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Cliff Williams and Brian Johnson...were signing champs and all-round great guys, greeting fans and collectors at every turn."

Bon Jovi, Eagles, Led Zeppelin: Don't bother us

"Page announced on arrival, regarding autograph requests, 'I'm kinda finished with that'"

The same can't be said for Bon Jovi and The Eagles, who came in at the bottom of the list.

Former Led Zeppelin bandmates Robert Plant and Jimmy Page also received low marks for their treatment of fans.

"Robert Plant and Jimmy Page arrived in Toronto within weeks of each other during 2008. Plant, on tour with Alison Krauss, played a summer show, and Page came to the Toronto Film Festival weeks later to support a film. Page announced on arrival, regarding autograph requests, 'I'm kinda finished with that,' and stuck to his word. Robert Plant was equally dismissive the few times (he was) approached by collectors over the course of the couple of days he was in Toronto."

Guess a Whole Lotta Love is a thing of the past.

Joe Bosso

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