10 politically corrected animal band names

Free Range Chickenfoot
Free Range Chickenfoot

With PETA's unsuccessful attempt to turn Pet Shop Boys into Rescue Shelter Boys to raise awareness of "cramped" and "filthy conditions" in pet shops, it got us thinking (careful!): which other animal-inspired band names are on the hit list?

We've put together 10 bands who could well be receiving a PETA letter - from Chickenfoot to Danger Mouse. Unfortunately, bands named Deerhunter, Pig Destroyer and Deadmau5 are beyond saving.

10. Chickenfoot

Batteries not included? Thank goodness.
Should be: Free Range Chickenfoot

9. Reel Big Fish

Gold fish bowls are not an option…
Should be: Reel Big Fish In A Suitably Large Tank With Adequate Room To Swim

8. Meat Puppets

A healthy alternative…
Should be: Soya Meat Substitute Puppets

7. Lamb Of God

Not like a lamb to the slaughter…
Should be: Non-Sacrificial Lamb Of God

6. Minus The Bear

Less negative, more positive, please.
Should be: Plus The Bear

5. Band Of Horses

As long as they're running free…
Should be: Band Of Wild Horses

4. Noah And The Whale

Harpoons? Don't even think about it…
Should be: Noah And The Whaling Ban

3. Bear Hands

Severed claws are not a good look.
Should be: Bear Hands Still Attached To Bear Wrists

2. Cage The Elephant

Definitely not…
Should be: Don't Cage The Elephant

1. Danger Mouse

No animal, however small, should be exposed to risk…
Should be: Safety Mouse

Did we miss any corkers? Let us know in the comments below.

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