Are you a Grateful Dead fan looking for somewhere to hang your guitar? How does Jerry Garcia’s hand grab you!?

The GuitarGrip Jerry Garcia Collection offers guitar wall hangers in the shape of the late Grateful Dead guitarist's hand
(Image credit: GuitarGrip)

GuitarGrip has launched an ingenuous accessory line for Grateful Dead fans looking for a place to hang their favourite guitar. The Jerry Garcia Collection is a series of guitar hangers, with four decorative wall plates available, and – the pièce de résistance – they also make a hanger in the shape of Garcia's hand.

We were initially sceptical about the anatomical accuracy of said hand. After all, GuitarGrip has a wide range of hangers shaped like Thing from the Addams Family. But the hand hangers are officially licensed by the Jerry Garcia Family LLC, who consulted with the sculptors for a design that is “meticulously modelled” on Garcia’s hand, including the missing middle finger that he lost as a child in a wood-chopping accident the the Santa Cruz mountains.

GuitarGrip worked from a variety of source materials, including photographs, to ensure the high-quality cast resign sculptures are as accurate as can be. Once cast, they are painted in the GuitarGrip studio. All are handmade in the studio – emphasis on the hand.

“We are beyond thrilled - as fans, musicians, and followers of Jerry – to offer these artistic hangers to our amazing customers,” said Mike Ryan, founder of GuitarGrip. “Jerry was one of a kind, and we worked really hard to bring his unique personality and the timeless vibe of his music into this series.”

The GuitarGrip Jerry Garcia Collection offers guitar wall hangers in the shape of the late Grateful Dead guitarist's hand

(Image credit: GuitarGrip)

Now, if having a replica of Garcia’s hand on your wall is a little macabre – and pricey too, with the hand plus ornate wooden plate hanger priced $295, the hand plus “Basic Plate” $235 – there is also a number of sculpted hangers inspired by Garcia’s most famous electric guitars: Alligator, Tiger, Wolf and Rosebud, each priced $125.

These hangers will suit any headstock. The plates are engraved with Garcia’s name and decorated with faux wood accents, green foliage and red roses, with the relief coated in metal brass.

GuitarGrip Jerry Garcia Collection, an officially licensed guitar wall hanger for Deadheads

(Image credit: GuitarGrip)

The backs of the hangers are coated in felt to help preserve your wallpaper or paintwork, and they ship with everything you need to mount them in your living room. All except perhaps a reasonable explanation to your flatmates or significant other why there’s a model of Jerry Garcia’s hand coming out the wall. 

Nonetheless, Garcia’s daughter, Trixie, is impressed. "GuitarGrips has created a beautiful homage to our father! Nearly as exquisite as Jerry’s playing, these grips rock,” she said.

For more details, head over to GuitarGrip.

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