GS Music reveals the Zeus, a Moog-like 12-voice polysynth

Argentina-based GS Music has revealed its newest instrument, a 12-voice polysynth which feels somewhat reminiscent to the Moog Voyager and other models.

Though not a carbon-copy by any stretch, the Zeus is decked in a familiar wooden chassis with tilting control-surface and exudes a traditional vibe with the subtractive architecture.

Zeus comes with two VCOs, four-pole low-pass filter, two ADSR envelopes and three LFOs. We are also treated to Chorus and delay effects and although the sound engine is entirely analogue, it’s hard to say if the same goes for the effects.

It would also seem that Zeus will come loaded with a ton of presets accessible from the central panel, however, it is not yet confirmed how many will be available.

The synth is currently just a prototype, but we are assuming that we could be seeing Zeus in the flesh at NAMM 2020, which is merely a few months away. You can catch more at the GS Music website.

GS Muci Zeus polysynth prototype

(Image credit: GS Music)

GS Music Zeus features

  • 49 keys, velocity-sensitive with aftertouch
  • 12-voice polyphony
  • 2 voltage-controlled analogue oscillators with sub-oscillators and hard sync
  • Triangular, Saw-Tri, Sawtooth, Pulse with PWM and it’s possible to mix Pulse with another waveshape
  • 24dB/oct (4 poles) low pass filter with resonance control
  • 2 ADSR envelopes
  • 3 LFOs with 5 waveshapes
  • LFO waveshapes: Triangular, Rampa up, Rampa down, Square, Sample and Hold
  • Chorus and delay effects
  • MIDI in/out/thru, 1/4” TRS balanced outs, sustain, USB, filter CV, amplifier CV and audio input
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