Gretsch releases Ash Soan Signature Snare Drum

Gretsch has unveiled a brand new signature snare for none other than UK session drummer, Ash Soan.

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Ash, who you voted as the Best Session Drummer of 2021 in our end-of-year polls, has been using a prototype of the snare on recordings from his Windmill Studio with the likes of Julian Lennon, Cory Wong & Ariel Posen, Hans Zimmer, Jeff Lorber and more, with the drum creating the more 'cranked' part of his distinctive drum sounds.

The Ash soan Signature Snare features a 12"x7", 9-ply purpleheart shell as well as double-45-degree bearing edges, and is fitted with 4mm die-cast hoops, and Gretsch Lightning throw-off. 

Inside the shell, Gretsch has applied its trademark silver sealer, along with an ID badge. Each badge confirms the year of the drum's production and is hand-signed by Ash Soan.

Talking about the drum with Gretsch, Soan says, “For me a signature snare drum must encapsulate my sound and nothing does this better than the 7x12” Purpleheart drum. It’s unique tone, long sustain, versatility and character makes recording a joy. Producers continually request the Purpleheart snare sound for their tracks.” 

The Gretsch Ash Soan Signature Snare Drum is available to order now, priced £947.

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