Gibson's new interview with Jason Isbell on his guitar collection is so good it even includes his Fenders

Jason Isbell
(Image credit: Gibson / YouTube)

Jason Isbell is one of us – most of us can't play or write songs like him but he loves guitar gear, and he's not afraid to use it. Some people would call him a guitar geek – we think that's crass. He's a believer and a connoisseur. And whether it's his '59 Burst 'Redeye' or the just-acquired 1934 Martin 000-28 called 'The Frog', he knows the details of every instrument he owns and he values them. 

So this latest episode of Gibson's The Collection talks about his electric and acoustic guitars, but in doing so we get a real insight into how much Isbell values the position he's now in; a huge guitar fan able to gift himself the collection of his dreams with the money his songwriting and touring earns.

Mark Agnesi and the Gibson team don't ignore the fact Isbell owns and frequently plays Fenders too – he had a signature Telecaster after all – so we see those with his '65 Candy Apple Red and '53 Blackguard Teles, '58 (with '57 spec) and '60 Strats, alongside Gretches and Martins too. 

It's all shot beautifully, so be prepared to lose an hour and 16 minutes in gear envy!

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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