See Gibson's stunning 1958 Flying V and Explorer guitars in action

Gibson have filmed a new demo of two of the most desirable electric guitars of 2021 – Custom Shop recreations of the Korina 1958 V and Explorer (opens in new tab)

Available only from the Gibson Garage (opens in new tab) in Nashville, these are being called 'clones' rather than reissues. And just like in in 1958, there will only be 19 Explorers and 81 Flying Vs made. 

Gibson Collector's Edition 1958 Flying V and Explorer

(Image credit: Gibson)

It took Gibson three years to ethically source the tonewoods for these guitars. Original examples of '58 Vs and Explorers museums and collections were scanned with a 3D wand for detailed analysis. 

Gibson Collector's Edition 1958 Flying V and Explorer

(Image credit: Gibson)

The guitars feature vintage correct fret wire and Gibson Custombucker PAFs pickups.

Each guitar is "custom-aged" by Gibson's Murphy Lab including lacquer checking, subtle neck wear, and hardware patina.

We're still waiting on prices – think of a number and double it? 

For more info on Murphy Lab models visit Gibson (opens in new tab)

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