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Get a new Perspective on your mixes with Oscillot Audio’s ‘virtual monitor speaker’ plugin

Having a wide selection of different monitors on which to roadtest your mixes is a luxury that many of us simply can’t afford, but Oscillot Audio thinks that it’s come up with a plugin solution in the shape of Perspective.

This enables you to emulate the sound of not only a range of highly-regarded studio monitors, but also consumer audio devices (laptop, smartphone etc) and car stereo systems. The theory is that this will enable you to produce mixes that translate well to multiple systems.

Oscillot claims that Perspective is “100% Science. 0% Hype”, but if you’re not convinced you can download a demo in VST/AU/AAX formats for PC and Mac. The regular price for the full version is $199, but it’s available for $149 until 15 August.

Find out more on the Oscillot Audio website.