Furch Guitars announces new antibacterial neck treatment

(Image credit: Furch Guitars)

The pandemic has already seen two NAMM shows cancelled and live music in disarray, now it's effecting the way guitars are made; though we think this development is a positive one in the long term too. Czech Republic acoustic guitar brand Furch has added a new antibacterial additive to its guitar neck finish process. The company says that this latest addition "minimises the amount of harmful microorganisms on the neck of the instrument and also increases overall comfort while playing." 

That makes great sense, considering the neck is the most handled part of a guitar. The certified antibacterial varnish for open pore finishes contains silver nanoparticles. These bind to the proteins of microorganisms, "reliably destroying them". 


(Image credit: Furch Guitars)

Further positive news is there's no side effects; the varnish doesn't contain any dangerous chemical substances, so it's anti-allergenic. Even better; Furch says it actually enhances comfort for players…

"The satin finish is even more smooth which reduces friction at the hand while moving along the neck of the guitar, allowing for faster and more accurate playing."

Will more brands follow Furch's lead with this kind of treatment? It will be interesting to see. 

The new antibacterial varnish is now standard on all Furch acoustic guitars with serial number 95787 and higher. More info over at Furch Guitars

Rob Laing
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