FREE VST/AU analogue-style limiter: Venomode Maximal 2 CM

Developed exclusively for Computer Music by DSP rising stars Venomode, Maximal 2 CM (PC/Mac, VST/AU) – an analogue-flavoured maximising limter – brings you the full functionality of its bigger brother’s Tape mode, enabling you to squeeze every drop of loudness out of your tracks or just tame errant peaks, in convincingly analogue style.

Check out the video above to see and hear Maximal CM in use, check out the full feature list below, and get the plugin for free with issue 242 of Computer Music magazine.


  • Versatile, characterful maximising limiter
  • Tape drive for analogue-style saturation
  • Use the Drive knob to simultaneously adjust threshold and make-up gain
  • Set the max output volume with the Ceiling knob
  • Tailor the limiter’s adaptive release with the Response knob
  • Input, output and gain reduction meters for peak and RMS monitoring
  • Preset menu – save, load and browse presets
  • Bypass button for instant A/Bing
  • x2 oversampling
  • PC/Mac, VST/AU

If you like Maximal 2 CM, take a look at the full Maximal 2, which expands on the CM version’s Tape mode with its Tube option, plus two unsaturated modes (Clean and Loud). It also adds x1, x4 and x8 oversampling options for less aliasing at extreme settings and more accurate detection of intersample peaks. At £29, Maximal 2 is nothing short of a bargain – check it out at Venomode’s website.

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