FoxGear pedals unveils the Multitune polyphonic tuner

(Image credit: FoxGear Pedals)

FoxGear Pedals has unveiled the Multitune, a stompbox tuner for electric guitar that can polyphonically tune your guitar in open tunings and displays sharps and flats.

Indeed, FoxGear says the Multitune is the only polyphonic tuner that works with open tunings in this way. It has a bright digital display taking up around half or more of its enclosure, with a footswitch to turn on and off.

The tuner has relay assisted, true-bypass circuitry so shouldn't step on your tone. When you step on the switch the signal is muted and you can tune up chromatically or polyphonically. 

FoxGear use a digital signal processor from AnalogDevices as the brains of the tuner so they can run their note detection software and a digital compressor improves the tuner's performance, which might make it ideal for gentle tune-ups on cranky instruments. 

The Multitune retails for $89. No UK RRP yet but we would imagine this to come in around £89 or less.

See FoxGear for more details.

A real game changer is coming... Stay tuned.. literally! Foxgear LLC

A photo posted by @foxgear_pedals_official on Sep 20, 2019 at 3:54am PDT

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