Fortin's latest Meshuggah amp sounds as chugging great as you'd hope

Fortin Amps
(Image credit: Fortin Amps)

The original djentlemen, the Swedish jotuns of polyrhythmic power, the… ok it's Meshuggah, you get the message. And it's Meshuggah in a tube amp as Fortin issues the latest 2023 Blackout version of its head in collaboration with the band. And it sounds as good as that combination should.

Does it chug? MusicRadar 2022 poll winner Ola Englund is the only man who can really say in an official capacity in the video below…

This is the amp your eight-string battleaxe has been waiting for. And Ola even pushes the low frequency needle further with Meshuggah guitarist Fredrik Thordendal's 33 Fortin signature boost pedal.

"Holy shit," marvels Ola. Indeed. 

The Fortin Amps website is down right now but check in there for updates on availability when it's back – there's only 50 being made. 

Rob Laing
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