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Flux:: joins the channel strip club with new EVO Channel plugin

EVO Channel is an adaptable module-based channel strip from Flux:: that offers five audio processing modules. These include Drive, Phase, EQ, Compressor and Touch, a “polymorphic” frequency-dependent dynamic tool that serves as a de-esser, expander and transient/sustain designer.

Flux:: is billing this as a next-gen channel strip, with original features including free-form linear phase adjustment and an optimised compressor with nine selective types for instrument and bus groups. The Touch module, meanwhile, enables you to process transient material in a defined frequency range. Those using Evo Channel in a post-production context will appreciate the multi-channel support for Dolby Atmos and Ambisonic systems.

Evo Channel is designed to be fast and efficient, and you can find out more and download a demo on the Flux:: website. It’s available for PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats, and is currently being sold for the discounted price of $119.

FLUX:: Evo Channel features

  • An adaptable module-based design that allows free movement of channel strip modules into any order.
  • An optimized Spectrum Analyzer derived from Flux’s acclaimed “Pure Analyzer” software. It offers a truly accurate overview of the frequency range.
  • “Drive”, a Soft Saturation module that simply adds analog warmth to your audio tracks.
  • A Flux designed Linear Phase correction tool with zero latency.
  • A proprietary "State-Space" technology Parametric EQ and filters that have been carefully tuned to preserve optimal signal to noise ratio independently from parameter settings.
  • A "multi-mode" Compressor taken from the acclaimed Flux:: “Pure Compressor’s” engine. It offers 9 types of compressors in a single module (Start, Kick/Snare, Overhead, Drum Bus, Bass, Acoustic, Piano, Vocal, and Mix). It moreover offers a unique auto adaptable release control as well as parallel wet/dry features and other useful parameter adjustments.
  • “Touch”, a multi-tool module defined by 7 specific modes such as: Transient Boost, Transient Kill, Sustain Boost, Sustain Kill, DeEsser 1, DeEsser 2, and Expander. Each of the 7 modes obviously act on a specific frequency range of the incoming audio signal.
  • Dolby Atmos and Ambisonic support with up to third order 16 channel. High-Resolution DXD Audio with sampling rates up to 384 kHz is supported.
  • Memory location store and recall for input and output gain controls and all parameter knobs for quick access level and value changes.
  • 50 useful Factory presets included from Yves Jaget.
  • And lots more...