FL Studio's huge 2024 update brings new synth, effects, AI-powered MIDI tools, CLAP support and more

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FL Studio's latest update is here, and it's a big one. The latest version of the DAW to be released since FL Studio 21 last year has been rebranded as FL Studio 2024, and with it comes a host of new music-making goodies that includes synth plugins, effects, AI-powered MIDI tools and more. 

AI is taking the music production world by storm at the moment, with Ableton Live and Logic Pro both introducing AI-powered generative MIDI tools in their latest updates. FL follows suit in its most recent iteration, with the inclusion of an AI-based chord progression generator capable of producing chord sequences based on a chosen genre or vibe, or suggesting backing accompaniments for any melody or bassline. 


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FL Studio 2024 also introduces a new synth plugin. Building on FL's Kepler synth, Kepler Exo is virtual analogue instrument inspired by the Roland Juno-6 and Jupiter-8. A dual-oscillator synth with a 16-slot modulation matrix and five onboard effects, including a vintage Juno-esque chorus effect, the plugin also brings hard sync, oscillator FM and dedicated filter FM to the table. 

FL users can make use of two new effects plugins, a sub-bass enhancer called Low Lifter and Spreader, a stereo widening tool. The DAW's onboard audio editing tool, Edison, has been augmented with AI-powered noise removal and enhanced declipping abilities. FL Studio 2024 also brings support for the CLAP plugin format, a new open standard introduced in 2022 that promises superior performance and MIDI 2.0 integration.

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Image-Line's FL Cloud subscription service has also been significantly expanded, offering a variety of third-party plugins to subscribers from developers such as Native Instruments and UVI; highlights include Baby Audio's TAIP tape emulation tool and Minimal Audio's Rift distortion. FL Cloud also gives users access to a vast sample library, AI-powered mastering and music distribution via DistroKid.

FL Cloud is available in three tiers, each of which offers a different number of plugins, ranging from a free tier that offers 10 plugins (including Baby Audio's Super VHS and iZotope's Ozone Elements) to a Pro subscription available at an introductory price of £7 per month. 

FL Studio 2024 is available now as a free update for existing users. If you're looking to make the leap, the DAW is available in four editions, ranging in price from £89 to £515. 

Find out more on Image-Line's website.

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