FL Studio 12.5 has officially landed and it will be the last update before version 13

Image Line has officially released version 12.5 of FL Studio and they have announced it will be the last update before version 13. 

As this is the last update for version 12, they have thrown rather a lot of new features at it, mostly to do with the vectorisation of many plugins features to allow for fully resizable UI.

Some of the highlights include the Picker Panel, a shortcut to managing and browsing automation clips, audio and patterns.

New virtual MIDI controllers enter the fray in both keyboard and drum pad formats and are fully resizable and customisable.

FL Studio 12.5 is available to buy now for Windows from €89 for the Fruity version, up to €826 for the full studio version, with all the plugins. More information can be found on the Image Line website.

Mac users haven’t been left out. If you own FL Studio, you can test the 12.5 features in the 0.9 Alpha installer.

If you want to have your say on what goes in version 13, you can have a word with Image Line over on the forum now.

Updates in version 12.5

  • Picker Panel (Alt+P) - A Pattern, Audio and Automation Clip manager / browser that lists all Pattern, Audio and Automation Clips in the project. 
  • Virtual MIDI Controllers - Resizable, customisable vectorial Keyboard and Drumpads. Play the selected Channel, just like an external MIDI controller.
  • Automation Clips - New (Right-click) control points 'Type in value...' feature.
  • FPC - Resizable vectorial UI. Pads can now have custom colors and icons. New layout options (single/double pads). Per-pad automatable pitch.
  • Fruity Delay 3 - 'Analogue' style delay plugin with BPM varying tempo-synced delay. It includes filtering and distortion options.
  • FL Studio Mobile - Loads .dwp files (monolithic DirectWave presets). FL Studio will open .flm projects in FL Studio Mobile. Drag and drop compatible formats on the plugin (.flm, .dwp, .wav etc)
  • Harmor - Vectorial UI.
  • Fruity Balance - New vectorial UI & converted native plugin.
  • And much more...

For the full list of updates, plus a complete rundown of bugfixes, head over to the FL Studio 12.5 product page.

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