Enter the Stratoverse: Fender is now part of the Metaverse

(Image credit: Fender)

Fender has announced its first bold step into the Metaverse at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2022.

The partnership with Meta sees the guitar giant embracing the potentials of virtual and augmented reality technology with the Stratoverse – a Strat 'guitar-shaped island surrounded by clouds, floating high up in the stratosphere'. Sounds like an ideal virtual holiday destination to us! 

Visitors can explore the headstock, neck, and body of the guitar island before they reach the Riff Maker scavenger hunt. This allows players of all levels to create music in the Fender Stratoverse.


(Image credit: Fender)

The concept of the scavenger hunt is a new inclusive approach to teaching music; it shows players how to build melodies by layering sounds they can find by hunting throughout the Stratoverse. 

Users can even got up to explore the clouds in the 'stratosphere' to find glowing Fender picks that give access to these sounds. Sounds are also unlocked by completing tasks including an air guitar challenge, guitar trivia or even a guitar pick tossing game. 

'Once a pick is unlocked, the player takes it down to the main island where they can place it in one of the 12 spots in the Riff Maker to add their sound to the customisable looping riff,' states Fender. Completing the scavenger hunt unlocks customisable wearables as well as a promo word reveal to a Fender Stratosphere playlist.'

“We could not be more pleased to have been invited by Meta to bring Fender into the Metaverse for the first time,” said Evan Jones CMO Fender. “As a brand we are committed to enabling all forms of musical expression and are thrilled by the potential this technology has to allow Fender fans and creators to come together, play, and create across borders, cultures, and from any distance. 

"Collaboration and experimentation are essential ingredients to the musical journey," he added, "and we’re looking forward to seeing what creators can do with the unlimited potential of the Metaverse and our first Fender Stratoverse experience.”

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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