Fender and Shawn Mendes harness flower power with a Musicmaster model

With new Mustangs and Duo-Sonics surfacing recently, it's becoming quite a summer for Fender's short-scale 'student' models. Nevertheless, a new Fender Musicmaster electric guitar would be interesting news in itself, but the results of the company's new collaboration with Shawn Mendes on an Artist Series model make it an even louder talking point.

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Just look at it! The short-scale model features floral artwork that is a recreation of one of his fan's work, an unusual combination of Tex-Mex Single-Coil Strat pickup in the bridge and a Player Series humbucker in the neck.

The tone control also features a push/pull coil split on the humbucker to make this an even more interesting take on the Musicmaster blueprint. 

Shawn had a Custom Shop version of the model but Mendes wanted to production model to have a more versatile pickup configuration. 

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Shawn Mendes interview

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The Stitches singer-songwriter on his rapid rise

"I am so excited to release this guitar collaboration between Fender and The Shawn Mendes Foundation,” says Shawn. “I hope it inspires some of my fans to pick up and learn guitar for the first time, and give back while doing so." 

Fender is a supporter of the foundation that aims to encourage "Shawn’s audience, the youth generation of today—to learn about those causes that they are passionate about, and help empower them to use the voice they have to bring change to the world by taking action and giving back."

The foundation recently provided $250,000 in need-based scholarships for students and worked with Forests Ontario to plant seven acres of trees outside of Ontario, Canada

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A good cause and a striking guitar – we're liking it. The pickup configuration with the coil-split is especially intriguing. 

The 24" scale Musicmaster also features an alder body, Prairie Grass graphic pickguard, “C”-shaped maple neck with 9.5” radius, 22 frets, three-position toggle, six-saddle string through body Strat hardtail with bent steel saddles.

The Shawn Mendes Foundation Musicmaster is £699 / €799 / $749

For more info, head over to Fender.com

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