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FaithState is an all-in-one budget modular synth for under $500

US-based Peley Krane has come up with what looks to be a perfect solution for anyone wanting a modular synth on a budget.

Consisting of nine individual function modules, FaithState is a complete modular system that promises “a unique approach to voicing and oscillator shape layering.” 

This approach to synthesis voicing combines the classic ‘oscillator section’, ‘VCA’, and ‘audio mixer’ sections into a single digital voice unit.

FaithState also includes a library of over 500 waveforms and has been split into 85 unique groups of six waveforms each called WaveSets. Two of these (six-oscillator) WaveSets can be mixed, blended, and tuned against each other using the WaveSet/Mix and Detune controls.

This Serge inspired all-digital system promises to be a complete patching experience for $445, which might have something to do with the fact it comes complete with 25 patch cables - nice.

All FaithState systems are "carefully crafted one at a time" and the build process takes between 2-3 Weeks to complete, once an order is received. For more information, and there's a lot more, check out the Peley Krane website