Expect more reverb tools from iZotope as it acquires Exponential Audio

Exponential Audio, a leading developer in digital reverb, has been acquired by iZotope.

The Boston firm inherits the technological know-how behind the R4, PhoenixVerb Surround and Symphony reverb plugins

The move also sees Exponential Audio founder, Michael Carnes, join the company as a research fellow, bringing years of reverb expertise with him.

Very much mainstays within music, audio and film post-production, iZotope and Exponential Audio certainly seem like a good fit.

iZotope CEO and co-founder Mark Ethier had this to say: “Exponential Audio’s commitment to excellence and quality aligns perfectly with the iZotope philosophy, and Michael’s product line already has a world-leading reputation in reverb and surround.  

"We look forward to gaining Michael's experience and unique insight to develop new products together, and it’s a privilege to welcome Exponential Audio customers into the iZotope community."

Existing Exponential Audio customers can rest easy, as its plugins will still be available through iZotope’s web store. All support for products past and present will now fall to iZotope's Customer Care team.

We look forward to seeing what this new relationship means for upcoming products; be sure to keep an eye on the iZotope website to find out more.

“By combining forces with iZotope I know the potential for future innovation is vast,” says Carnes. “I am eager to bring Exponential Audio’s expertise, technology, and values to iZotope, and I’m excited to imagine what we can deliver together for our customers.”

Simon Arblaster
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