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Essential new drum accessories for 2022

Gear Expo Summer 2022
(Image credit: Future)

GEAR EXPO SUMMER 2022: While top-shelf items such as new kits and shiny new snares are high on every drummer's wishlist, it’s the smaller stuff that we all purchase more regularly to make our time at the kit easier and more enjoyable. 

This year there’s plenty to get excited about, from problem solvers to price-busting new additions. Here are our highlights of the hottest accessory releases for 2022 so far. 

Millenium Drums NonaPad

Millenium NonaPad

(Image credit: Millenium/Thomann)

If you’re thinking of entering the hybrid drumming arena on a budget, Millenium’s NonaPad could be for you. With 9 playing surfaces built in, plus sockets for hooking up a further two dual-zone external triggers/pads and two footswitches it offers some impressive flexibility. 

But throw-in the ability to import your own samples, as well as the 608 internal sounds, MIDI recording/loop creation, effects, pad link and mute group options and more for a mere £190-ish and the whole deal is made even sweeter.  

It's equipped with USB too, so we think it could lend itself perfectly as a MIDI controller if you're running software live. One to watch this year, for sure.

Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning Pad

Zildjian REFLEXX Conditioning practice pads

(Image credit: Zildjian)

In a bid to help spread Reflexx’s practice pad designs to a wider market, Zildjian has partnered with Reflexx for 2022 to produce the Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning Pad. Available in 6” or 10” diameters, the double-sided pad features the FLEXX and WORKK surfaces.

 The FLEXX side of the pad is 3/4-of-an-inch-thick and offers a medium rebound - ideal for building for building hand strength, while the thinner (1/2-inch) the WORKK surface features a higher level of rebound for building muscle, finger and stick control.

What’s more, the Zildjian Reflexx Conditioning Pad claims to be up to 50% quieter than standard pads, so if interrupting your household or warming-up quietly is a concern, this is one to consider.

Vic Firth Bluetooth Isolation Headphones

Vic Firth Bluetooth Isolation Headphones

(Image credit: Vic Firth)

Vic Firth’s Isolation Headphones have been a hit wit drummers for years - whether it’s the mute hearing protectors, or speaker-equipped models. For 2022, Vic Firth is responding to requests from drummers to add wireless capability to the line-up, with the Vic Firth Bluetooth Isolation Headphones.

The closed design drops ambient noise by 20 decibels, so you’ll only hear the sound you want in your ears. As well as Bluetooth 5.0, they’re equipped with a 50mm Mylarcon speaker, a rechargeable battery offering up to 20 hours of use, plus you can still connect them via the included cable if you need to.  

Evans Snare Tune-up Kits

Evans Snare Tune-Up Kits

(Image credit: D'Addario)

Evans is looking to rejuvenate your snare drum this year with the introduction of its Snare Tune-Up Kits. Available in two flavours - with either a UV1 or Calftone batter head - the kit also includes a whole host of accessories for caring for your snare.

Inside, you’ll find an Evans 300 Snare Side head, Puresound snare wires (Custom Pros with the UV1, Concert with the Calftone kit), Evans Branded Microfiber cloth, drum key, Lug Lube and Hardware Polish, Barney Beats-branded ProMark Rebound 5A drumsticks, a Snare Side 300 drumhead and a pair of Evans EQ Pods dampening gels. 

Meinl Drum Tech Kit

Meinl Drum Tech Kit

(Image credit: Meinl)

If you’ve ever found yourself in a mid-gig gear emergency, then Meinl’s Drum Tech Kit could be the most important release this year. The 40-piece accessory bundle is packaged in a handy container, keeping all the spares that you’re likely to lose or break to hand. 

It comes with cymbal stand sleeves and felts, washers, rubber O-rings, a variety of replacement tension rods and screws, cymbal stand wingnuts and more.  

Tama Electronic Pad Stand & Electronic Pad Holder

Electronic and hybrid drum setups are becoming more and more popular each year, and Tama has announced two new products to help integrate your electronic gear into your acoustic setup for 2022.

First up, the Tama Electronic Pad Stand is a full, double-braced stand with a tripod base. It not only allows Tama hardware completists to match the rest of their setup, but offers greater flexibility over positioning thanks to its included boom arm - which will support the weight of a sample pad such as a Roland SDP-SX or Alesis Strike MultiPad.

If you’d prefer, Tama has also made the boom arm section available as a product in its own right with the Electronic Pad Holder. This features the same ratchet holder, capable of gripping a 12mm-24.5mm tube, but can attach to a stand of you choice thanks to the integrated Fast-Clamp.

ddrum Vinnie Paul Triggers

The drumming world lost a true legend in 2018 with the death of Pantera/Hellyeah/Damageplan’s Vinnie Paul Abbott. At the time of his death, Vinnie had been playing ddrum acoustic kits for a decade, while he added triggers to his live kit to help cut through the wall of heavy guitars and bass.

For 2022, ddrum has honoured Vinnie Paul with a range of signature triggers, available individually or as a Tour Pack set. Based on ddrum’s Acoustic Pro series, the Vinnie Paul triggers feature a satin black finish, along with printed Vinnie Paul badges.   

They feature improved transducer designs for increased sensitivity, and the familiar ddrum XLR socket for tour-tough connections and are available for snare (dual-zone) toms (single zone) and kick (single zone). 

ddrum’s VP Tour Pack includes 2x kick triggers, 3x tom trigger and one snare trigger, as well as a Y cable for the snare, 5x 6999 cables for the rest of the pack. The Tour Pack comes in a foam-padded hard shell road case.

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