See Eric Gales demo his 2022 guitar rig and 'Darth Vader' tone

Talking about gear is all very well but when you have Eric Gales in front of you, it has to be heard too. Luckily Guitarist magazine had that opportunity when he visited them for a rig tour video and an extended interview for their new issue's cover feature. 

Eric talks through and demos his pedal choices – including his signature MXR
Raw Dawg
overdrive – including his 'Darth Vader sound' – and what he uses a TC Electronic Ditto looper pedal for.

Eric Gales

(Image credit: Future)

Eric also focuses on his original Magneto Guitars signature model, and we love how he calls his neck pickup the 'Albert King' and middle single-coil the 'Stevie Ray'. And yes, it's still astonishing to see how one of the greatest guitarists around plays his guitars upside down.

You can buy the new issue of Guitarist magazine featuring Eric Gales here


Eric Gales interview: “I asked Stevie Ray Vaughan for an autograph and he said ‘Only if you sign one for me first!’”

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